We can find a lot of different resources for being a parent in today’s world. Books are one of the first things we might think of, and with the power of the internet, we can find plenty of websites and podcasts as well. One of my favorite resources is TED Talks. TED Talks often serve as sources of inspiration, and as a parent, they tend to do a great job of reminding you that you’re not alone in this whole being a parent thing. Parenting isn’t easy for anyone, and we all stumble from time to time. Check out some of these great TED Talks on parenting the next time you’re looking for a self-esteem boost.

Every Kid Needs A Champion – Rita Pierson

One of my favorite TED talks is about the importance of connecting with your kids’ teachers. According to Pierson, kids don’t learn from people they don’t like. The role of teachers in our kids’ lives is so powerful, and many parents know just how amazing they are. However, they’re still learning about the impact they have on their kids. Having a teacher who values our kids and doesn’t just push them to the side can have a life-changing effect. Even decades after they were taught, many people still remember their favorite teacher. This is the reason why every kid needs a champion.

What Adults Can Learn From Kids – Adora Svitak

I absolutely love this talk, especially because it’s being delivered by a 12-year-old. Adora believes learning should be a two ways street, with adults learning from kids and kids learning from adults. She also talks about how kids don’t see obstacles like adults do, which makes them more capable of navigating through them. This talk is a great reminder to us that we can’t do everything that our kids want to do. It also encourages us to connect with our inner child and ask ourselves what we would see differently if we were looking at situations through their eyes.

Exploding 4 Taboos Of Parenting – Rufus Griscom and Alisa Volkman

Every parent will relate to this, as Alisa and Rufus created the website Babble to share their own parenting experiences. Their talk is uplifting and funny, and it opened my eyes to how many parents are feeling the same way. It reminded me that there is a community out there for parents, even though we sometimes feel like we are alone. Sometimes all we need to do is look for resources that can help us navigate through the various challenges that parenting can throw at us.