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Bryan Dunst is a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch. He is also a certified foodie — and he’s made it his mission to share some of his favorite experiences with others.

An avid traveler, Bryan is always up for new experiences, and that naturally translates over to his palate as well. He’s been fortunate enough to visit well over a dozen countries over the years, and one of the best ways to get to know a culture is to try out their food (and understand the history behind it). Bryan’s best food experience abroad by far was barbecued lobster in Bali, Indonesia, but he’s tried out plenty of other cultural staples and delicacies around the world too. Some of his favorite cuisines are Spanish, Greek, Italian, Cuban, Japanese, American, and certified Kosher.

As a Foodie, Bryan knows these are the most important areas to a guest:

  • Food 90% 90%
  • Drinks 75% 75%
  • Experience 100% 100%

As much as Bryan loves to travel, he enjoys making and eating food closer to home as well. He loves to cook and to try new recipes; generally, his best preparations and experimentations involve meat, salt and a grill. When it comes to the grill, he can make almost anything, from the classics like burgers, steaks, and fish to summer treats like fruit.

A resident of Wayne, New Jersey, Bryan also loves to try out food places — be they big-name restaurants or mom-and-pop spots — throughout New Jersey and New York. The area offers a ton of diverse cuisines for people to explore.

Bryan is a fan of spirits as well, and although he enjoys wine and beer, his favorite libations are old-fashioned or somewhat obscure (or both) such as the Moscow Mule or the French 75. In Bryan’s view, to make a great cocktail, you need strong spirits, bubbles and citrus. From there, everything else is easy.

Keep up with this blog for Bryan Dunst’s favorite recipes, go-to restaurants in his area, and more. For more, visit his lifestyle blog, where he discusses his interests in travel, fitness, entertainment, and more.

Some of Bryan’s Favorite Spots

El Cid – Spanish in Paramus, NJ

Greek City – Greek in Ramsey, NJ

Novelli – Italian in Wayne NJ

La Isla – Cuban in Hoboken, NJ

Kenko Sushi – Japanese in Lincoln Park NJ

Peter Luger – (American) steakhouse in Brooklyn, NY

My Most Favorite Dessert – Kosher UWS, NY

Jimmy Geez – (American) buffalo wings in Oak Ridge, NJ

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