Baking takes precision, but that shouldn’t take the fun out of the process. Everyone makes mistakes in the kitchen, even professional chefs and bakers. Part of the fun of baking and experimenting in the kitchen are the mistakes and how they help you grow as a baker. Use these tips to help bring more fun into the kitchen and your baking process so you can continue growing and baking delicious treats!

Start Simple

If you’ve barely set foot in the kitchen, you might not want to start with a complicated French pastry that takes 8 hours to make. Start with easy recipes that are hard to mess up, like chocolate chip cookies. This will help you build the basic skills you can expand upon later as well as your confidence. 

Purchase the Basics

Do you really need that $75 spoon? Definitely not when you’re just starting out. Purchase the basics and then get a feel for what type of baking you like and splurge later once you set your preferences. Buying too much, too soon can just clutter your work space and create stress. Only buy the essentials when you’re beginning and build from there. 

Always Read the Recipe

It’s always helpful to know what’s coming in baking. Since baking is somewhat of an art form, it helps to know the steps ahead of time so you can mentally and physically prepare. Plus, you may have overlooked some ingredients or tools you might need, so it’s good to review and be fully prepared. 

Measure, Measure, Measure

Adding too much butter or too little flour can result in a disastrous mess. Being able to ‘eyeball’ amounts of ingredients without measuring them takes time and lots of experience. Use the proper tools until you’ve got the hang of it. Baking takes precision and you want to set yourself up for success. 

Have Tons of Fun

Don’t worry about messing up. Hesitation can make your bake last longer and your ingredients might sit too long as a result. Remember that baking is simply baking, not the Olympics. You’re there to challenge yourself and make something delicious in the process. Sometimes mistakes can turn a dessert into something even more scrumptious! So, have fun while you’re doing it and the skills will come with time.