It’s typical to feel lost at times as a parent. The fact of the matter is that you’re not going to have every answer, and you’re not going to know how to approach every situation. One of the best resources available to parents today is the internet, with YouTube in particular being extremely handy. There are loads of videos on the platform created by real parents, for real parents, meaning they’re full of advice, they’re relatable, and many are highly entertaining. Here are a few of the best Youtube channels on parenting.

High Energy Parenting

The High Energy Parenting channel aims to help parents live a life that’s full of passion, energy, and love. It has plenty of videos that are focused on living a healthy life, as well as plenty of parenting advice. There are also various techniques that can help parents release their worries, talk to their kids about doing the things that they need to do, and increase their willpower. If you’re feeling exhausted and want to start feeling like yourself again after having a baby, then High Energy Parenting can help.

Hand in Hand Parenting

For over 25 years, Hand and Hand Parenting has been providing parents with the necessary resources to connect with their kids. They’ve now launched a YouTube channel to help parents navigate through the various challenges that parenthood can throw at them. Their weekly videos are designed to help moms connect with their kids and you can also find videos about everything from parenting anxiety to helping kids overcome their fears. In addition to these, the channel also has a variety of other content that’s designed to help parents navigate through various other issues.

The Parenting Channel

If you’re a creative mom who wants to be a better parent, then The Parenting Channel is the account for you. It’s the creation of T.V. host and twelve-time Emmy-award winner, Vida Urbonas, and it has tons of great videos that will keep you entertained. In addition to these, it also has tons of tips and tricks for early childhood parenting.

Smart Parenting

Smart Parenting started as a magazine and has since become a popular YouTube channel dedicated to helping parents raise healthy and happy kids. They put out new videos every week, and have a ton of videos on their channel already, meaning it’ll take a bit for you to run out. You’ll find fun food and craft ideas to do with the kids, educational videos that can teach you proper procedures when raising a baby, and so much more. If you need help with something, Smart Parenting likely has a video for you.