It’s the most beautiful time of year again, which means you may want a few cocktail recipes to make your holiday get-together a little more festive. Whether you’re having some friends over for a Christmas party or spending quality time with family, these delicious drinks can make the holiday season even more memorable.

Christmas Gin Fizz

Choose your favorite sparkling water flavor for this low-calorie cocktail. Add your favorite high-quality gin and fresh cranberries for a touch of color and flavor. Garnish the cocktail with sugar-dusted rosemary sprigs for a sweet mint taste.

Apple Cider Mimosa

This bubbly drink has a cinnamon-sugar rim that adds to the flavor of the cocktail. To make this drink, buy a medium-quality sparkling wine. Add your favorite apple cider for a Christmastime take on a classic mimosa.

Hot Buttered Rum with Apple Cider

This warm, comforting cocktail combines flavors of rum, butter, apple cider, and spices. Sweet apples serve as the “sugar” for this drink, but you can organic cane sugar as well. Hot buttered rum and apple cider are two popular holiday drinks, and combining them can make your get-together even more enjoyable.

Cranberry Ginger Margarita

You can enjoy the flavors of the season with a tasty margarita. Add lime and ginger to the rim of the glass and add cranberry juice, freshly grated ginger, a little fresh lime juice, orange liqueur, and your favorite tequila. This tasty cocktail is sure to be a hit at your Christmas party.

Holly Jolly Christmas Citrus Cocktail

This Moscow Mule variation with pomegranate juice combines champagne, pomegranate juice, and ginger beer. Garnish the cocktail with sugared rosemary and blood orange wedges for a tasty holiday treat.

Fig Jam Cocktail

If you love the taste of figs, this Christmas cocktail is for you. This creamy beverage combines the flavors of citrus, fig, simple syrup, rosemary, and pisco. Pisco is a brandy from South America that brings out the fig’s taste and gives the beverage a delightful kick.

Santa Claus Smash

This cocktail makes it easier to have a great time at your holiday party while protecting your immune system. The Santa Claus Smash is made from pomegranate juice, a simple syrup with honey and ginger, ginger beer, bourbon, and s dash of vanilla.

Persimmon Margarita

The sweet taste of persimmons makes this Christmas cocktail incredibly delicious. A combination of cinnamon syrup, persimmon juice, and tequila are the main components of this drink, and smoked salt on the rim brings all the flavors together.

Long Winter’s Nap

Enjoy the sweet flavors of maple syrup and anise in this whiskey-based winter beverage. You can add peppercorns or cardamom to the cocktail and garnish with whole cloves, orange zest, or a cinnamon stick.

Pear Whiskey Sour

If you love pears, this holiday drink is the perfect addition to your Christmas dinner. Combine pear juice, a rosemary honey simple syrup, an egg white, and Angostura bitters. The frothy topping makes this cocktail visually appealing and deliciously impressive.

Choose from any of these tasty drinks to make your Christmas celebration complete. Happy holidays!